Rybski Custom Bass Guitars
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Rybski makes some of the finest custom bass guitars in the world! So why should you believe this? Because, unlike most of the claims you’ve heard, this one just happens to be true. Rybski has been building custom basses for over thirty years. He is The Real Deal.

Rybski was born in Poland, where the entire instrument making culture insists there be no compromise in craftsmanship. Rybski learned his craft by repairing historic upright basses, some made as early as the 19th century. He then started building custom bass guitars for some of Poland’s finest jazz and fusion bassists. In 1988, Rybski moved to the US, where he worked for several years doing whatever was necessary during the day to pay the bills, while designing and building basses evenings and weekends. He currently lives in middle Tennessee, close to the Nashville music scene.

Rybski has paid his dues. He has been driven to accomplish difficult things throughout his life. He simply does not give up until he has it right and then he insists it must be better. For example, while he was just starting out in Poland, it was all but impossible to find good wire to wind his pickups. So, he kept looking until he found an unlikely source for high quality wire in old Fiat automobile coils. He laboriously unwound the wire from the coils, then used the salvaged wire to hand wind his pickups. Now thats dedication and determination! For those who are wondering, the wire was perfectly fine and there are Rybski basses made over thirty years ago with these pickups that are still perfect.

His craftsmanship, tasteful design, and innovative electronics demonstrate beyond any question his experience and ability. Through extensive experimentation and collaboration with professional players, he has discovered how to create custom bass guitars that sound huge and play perfectly. The reason these instruments function so well is that Rybski is also a very accomplished bassist. He insists that his instruments meet his incredibly high standards of sound and playability before even considering appearance.

These instruments are not copies. They are all carefully developed originals that have been thoroughly tested by pros in demanding venues and recording sessions all over the world. Visually, these basses are stunning and simply beautiful products of a master craftsman. Using carefully seasoned exotic and native woods, Rybski takes the time necessary to create perfect combinations of function and art,

Electronically, Rybski basses are a unique blend of time-tested concepts and very modern innovation. Rybski and Poland’s electronic wizard, Jan Radwanski, continually develop and evolve new pickups and active electronics. These are the quietest pickup systems on the market. There is no interference or noise in single coil mode and they have a great signal to noise ratio. Standard circuitry is 9 V active, with the option of either single or double coil pickups and up to three tone controls.

Life is all about choices. There are thousands of custom bass guitar makers out there. There are only a handful who are, like Rybski, The Real Deal. So if you are considering a custom bass guitar, the choice is easy, get a Rybski.